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Product Description
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Indications for Placentex Integro:

– The vitality of human cells against free radicals in the body of the violations, speed up the metabolism of the body’s excretion of waste.

– Add a variety of essential nutrients and energy, so that the body quickly to restore vitality to improve the sub-healthy state.

– To improve digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal function.

– Rich in nutrients, the digestive system to enhance the vitality of cells, organs, improving digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal function.

– Repair and strengthen the role in order to strengthen a wide range of liver enzymes, amino acids, nutrients such as protein synthesis, and promote the human body for the effective use of a variety of nutrients.

– Removal of free radicals in the body to regulate the endocrine, beauty.

Injection method:

Placentex Integro is for IM injection. Recommended are a series of 1 ampoules per injection 2 times a week.

Not suitable for:

– Breast feeder

– Injection on women period

– Patient with cardiovascular problem


Each box contains 5 ampoules x 3ml
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